After reading my post, I think Dave got really excited and once again could not get these Four Wheelers off his mind...as a result check out the design he sent me today from work:

He drew this in his CAD (computer aided design) software. This is not an easy task. This image was designed using 3d mathematical data and equations, he drew it from scratch, from an image in his mind! Its kinda hard to explain how it works if you've never seen it done! But its a really hard to do. This is just a screen print of what he was working on. Its a picture of the user interface with the tire opened as a file on the page....but at least you get the idea!

It looks great babe! Very cool!

He was so excited for me to see it and to tell me how my post inspired its creation! ha ha ha...I couldn't resist posting it for everyone else to see!


The Hodsons said...

Boys and their toys...Tyler is also somewhat obsessed with four wheelers and snow mobiles. We don't even have room to store them all at our house...they're at his grandpas. Anyways Dave did a good job on the drawing. I did autocad in HS for like 5 minutes and I remember it being super tough.