Ya know that feeling you get when you go into your favorite clothing store and you are surrounded by cute clothes and you just want them all! You picture yourself in everything you see and imagine just how good you would look and then magically everything around you somehow ends up in your closet,.... take that feeling, put it into a guys mind, and then amplify it by ten... I think this is how Dave feels when he thinks about, talks about, looks at, listens to, researches about, and or anything that has to do with Four Wheelers! Does it even seem possible? Could someone really get that excited about a machine? Answer = Yes!

ATVS. All-Terrain Vehicles. Four Wheelers. QUADS. I'm sure there are tons of other names out there for them, but these are the most common ones spoken of in our home. Dave loves these things. Sometimes I think they take up a large majority of what he thinks about. It cracks me up! There have been plenty of times when I ask him what he is thinking about and he looks at me with a sheepish grin and laughs....ha ha He doesn't need to say....I know the answer.. FOUR WHEELERS!!

Unfortunately for Dave, the closest store that carries "his" four wheeler is about 45minutes away...don't worry though, we have been there one million times. I have to be honest here, the store itself is not that exciting or impressive. Pictures this...its about 1000 Sq feet, they carry only a handful of machines... and they don't even let you test drive. Doesn't that take the fun right out of it! So basically we go, we look...and we conquer...well, not exactly..the only thing we conquer is Dave's burning desire to see these bad boys in real life again. He feeds the need to feel it, touch it, sit on it, and imagine riding it. He checks out the engine, and all of the features he loves. He even asks the sales clerks questions that he knows all the answers to, just because! Its pretty funny! Along with these visits, he spends endless hours watching You Tube videos, any and everything about them. Thus starts the cycle, he watches fun, exciting clips, day after day until he just can't take it anymore.....he gets so excited and has to show me pictures, wants to talk about it..and expresses his deep desire to go look at Four Wheelers again...and so we go! It's like he needs that fix....he loves to take it all in, to imagine what it would be like to have his own and be able to ride when and where he pleases. I always go along for the ride and express to him how cool these puppies are...even if they do all look the same to me and each visit to me is just the same as the last! ha ha I'm not complaining, not at all really... I am actually really glad that he loves them so much! Its so fun to watch him get so excited about something and have such passion! He acts like a little boy that wants a new bike or an ice cream cone..its really cute! I can not wait until we move and can finally buy some. It will be so exciting when he does not have to imagine but can actually go out and ride anytime he pleases! Until then... I think I just might add You Tube to my list of things to be thankful for in my daily prayers! It really helps "bridal all that passion!"

-here are a few pics for you babe 143-


Liesl Lambert said...

Natalie, just wanted you to know my dad is exactly the same. He goes every weekend to the sand dunes. He keeps buying new ones and now he cant park his car in the garage. He is OBSESSED! He belongs to some group where they meet and go together, even though he is 58 and everyone else is in there 20s. Dave should come down with them and go...