Dave and I have started watching the Hero's serious and WE LOVE THEM. They are so entertaining and action packed. The show is about a special group of people who have a different variety of special abilities or powers. Some of these people use their powers for good, and few use them for bad. Most of them are trying to figure out how they got these powers and what their purpose is. They begin to wonder if they are all connected? Some of then begin to realize these powers may be used to "save the world". This is at least what I have gathered from watching so far.... and don't worry I have not given too much away! We have watched all of season one and are almost through season two. They are so action packed! I find myself thinking about the show and its characters throughout the entire day. I wonder what each new episode will hold and how everything will unfold. And this isn't a new habit I picked up with theHero's series (spending lost of time thinking about TV shows I am currently into). I was telling a friend last night that as I was getting ready the other morning I said to Dave, honey....what if someone finds out that Clair?....do you think that they will have to move? or do you think that they will come up with something and they will fix the problem??...That question was then followed by a bunch of other questions that I will spare you, but they were intense and well thought out in my head the night before as I lay in bed thinking intently all about the show! Its true!!...I can't help but think about it. In the grocery store, in bed at night, while I'm driving, cooking, exercising... I think about these people, their life, their powers, their next move, what I'd do if I were them, for all I care and know...their real, its real, its not fiction, and I'm living it, the series that I'm watching that is...needless to say, Dave and I both love the show.. I also thinking it is even more exciting to watch since we are watching them back to back with out breaks in between.

So as great as this show is and as much as I'd love to dedicate the entire post to it...this post is not intended to be about the show Hero's....(even though the first part of this ended up being really long) This post is dedicated to my personal hero...I like to call him little honey, but his real name is Dave.
Since watching the show Hero's I have confirmed my suspicion that my husband, my little honey... (Dave), has the exact same special abilities and powers as these fictional characters in the Hero's series. I'm not even kidding!! These characteristics are so incredibly similar to the characters in the show it is uncanny. Now you might be asking yourself "is she serious?" Is Dave really a hero?? Does he really have super powers? Great question!! The answer is a big fat YES!....and just because you asked, I'll prove it to you! I'll tell you a bit about each character and their abilities and then I'll tell you about Dave's. I'll also tell you how Dave has used his "powers" and "abilities" in our life in the exact same ways as these characters and show you how he has literally "saved the world" by doing so.....well, my world that is.

If you have seen the show, you will be familiar with the characters and their abilities and that I am about to list. If you have not seen the show, follow along and you will do just fine. (ps..if you plan on watching the show and do not want to know about the abilities of these characters DO NOT READ ON)


Before I begin, I want to make sure it's understood by all, that I'm not trying to brag, boast, or do anything of that nature. This is all coming from a wife that is completely greatful, thankful, and madly in love with her husband. I am dedicating this post to Dave in a humorous fun way because how much I love him, and because of how blessed I feel to be married to such a wonderful man. He has done some HUGE sacrificing for me lately and I want to make a special post for him, something kinda dorky but sweet. So I hop to share this with him, and with those who care to read it. I also want to have it for my own personal journal keeping on my blog in the future! So please keep that in mind as you read on! I can't help that I love him OK!??

Molly's ability allows her to locate anyone no matter where they are at anytime. All she needs is a map and a push pin and then she is able to locate the exact location of the person. All she has to do is close her eyes and think about them.
I know Dave and I were soul mates. I know we knew each other in heaven and were separated when we were sent to earth. I am positive that once he was ready to find a wife he used this ability that he has to locate me, his future wife. Once he was baptized and was ready to find his me, he got a map, a push pin, closed his eyes and stuck the pin directly over Provo, Utah. That's right! He used this power to locate his eternal companion. ME!! There's way more to this power than that, but I'll leave the details out for time sake.

The Haitian:
The Haitian can erases specific thoughts and memories for a specific amount of time or forever. He can also make it so other people who have abilities can not use their abilities when he is around.
Before I met Dave, I was always very comfortable on first dates. I didn't really get nervous or have a hard time when meeting new guys. It was easy for me to carry on conversation and be myself. That is until the day I met Dave for the first time. He decided to use this ability on me to erase my memory. I could NOT REMEMBER MY NAME, I felt so confused, flustered, I felt butterflies, nervous, embarrassed, feelings I had never felt before! I sat there in augh as I could felt confused in more than one way. I didn't remember where I parked, how I had even gotten where I was, or who I even was. It was like someone had taken me very breath away! Luckily, he was able to give my memory back and I remembered where I parked, I remembered my name, and I got back to my regular self again! That was the one and only day that I literally lost my words, thoughts, and memory in front of a guy...and I that is when I knew he was special...I just didn't realize at that time how special!

Isach Mendez:
Isach paints pictures of the future that end up coming true.
One rainy Seattle night after only spending 5 days together, he decided to share another one of his abilities with me. He whispered the future into my ear. He told me that he knew I was going to be his wife and that we would be married one day. Eight months later his "painting of the future" was fulfilled.

Her body is full of Electricity. This girl can shoot electricity from her hands and shock anyone she comes in contact with.
Before Dave and I kissed for the first time he actually sent and electrical spark from his lips to mine which pulled me into him...it freaked me out a bit and hurt, but after the initial shock, it was amazing! Wow, what a powerful kiss! The electricity was so powerful! Talk about electrifying!

Clair Bennett:
Clair can heal herself. No matter what happens to her, her body will automatically heal itself. She can never die.
I have asked myself if I could choose one ability would this be the ability I would choose to have? Although Dave can heal himself, he is so selfless and instead has been so patient with me and has used his ability to heal me. He has healed my heart, soul, and healed my life and who I used to be. I think back about who I was before I met him and I don't really love everything about who I was. I was still me....but I was not the me that I know I could have been. Dave has freed me from any pain, insecurities, and sorrow that I ever knew. He has helped me take on the things that I pushed aside in the past. Things that I did not stand up to, things I procrastinated and those things were the very things that stopped my personal progression both spiritual and temporally. He has helped me face many obstacles and over come them...He has help led me become closer to the person I have always wanted but never could quite be. He continues to heal me every second of every day. I am so thankful to him and his continual healing and help in my progression. This gift has healed me in more ways than I ever dreamed or imagined possible.

Nikki Sanders:
Multiple Personality Disorder
If you've watched the show, you'd think this is an horrible ability and nothing you'd ever want. And for the most part I agree. But lucky for Dave, his multiple personality disorder is a positive thing. He is a computer geek, a spiritual giant, a math matitian, an inventor, a dork, he's funny, sweet, kind, gentle, fun to be around, incredibly good at making people feel comfortable, he's likable, understanding, hardworking, honest, forgiving, the list of his personalities goes on and on, is just too long to list....this ability is one of my very favorites. He is so charismatic. It's fun when we are around different groups of people because they think they know him so well, but really its hard to get to know Dave because he really is so different around so many different people. You many think he is shy. You may think he is really out going. You may think he is a computer dork. You may think he is a Genius. How well do you really know him?? And which Dave do you really know? It's when you start seeing more than a few of these sides that you know he feels comfortable around you!!

D.L. Sanders:
D.L. can walk through walls. Nothing stands in his way. He is invicialbe.
This may sound far fetched but ask anyone in my family and they will vouch for Dave on this one. It's true Dave can walk through walls. ANYTIME Dave runs into a wall, something that seems to hard to overcome, he ALWAYS finds a way to over come it. Whether it be work, home, or personal. His ability allows his to walk through the wall and solve the problem. The other day my mom called me and said "Nat, I had this problem and I was really working hard to solve it and just as I was getting ready to give up I thought about Dave...and I thought, NO! I can't give up..think about Dave, what would he do..there is always a solution..there is always away around it...so I worked harder, and I did some other things and eventually I came up with a solution!" ha ha I laughed! It was cute...I obviously couldn't tell her that Dave has this special ability and that is how he is always able to come up with a solution, but I'm sure glad it gave her hope and helped her not give up! Truth is Dave ALWAYS has a solution I have no idea how its possible to solve a problem every time, but it is. So if you ever come to a problem you can't solve, no matter what it is...Dave is always on call! Its amazing. Truly a gift.

Micha Sanders:
Micha can control anything that has to do with computers and technology. He can make them do whatever he wants.
I really envy this ability. Dave has the power to do any and everything with all computers. He can fix them, he taught himself how to write code(we will contribute that to the ability), analyze the code, wiz at all the programs, graphic designer, knows all the technical lingo, and then he can do any and everything with them. That's right...he can control computers. I am sure lucky to have him, because all I can do is use a computer.

Monica Sanders:
Monica has perfect muscle memory. She can do any and everything she sees, learns, hears. I always said that I would have to marry someone that knew as much as my dad and I lucked out on that one! Dave's copy cat ability allows him to do any and everything. He is annoyingly talented. Whether is sing perfectly...play the guitar. Fix my computer, change the oil in my car, put together the new dresser, fix the sink, tile the floor, cook me dinner, teach me to iron, set up the Internet, oil paint perfectly on his first try, decorate the house, pick out a cute outfit for me better than I can...you name it he can do it. It is kinda disgusting sometimes, but I have to remind myself that its a super human ability and if I had one I could do all of those things too, and that makes me feel better! Plus its so handy to have him around!

Matt Parkman:
Matt can read minds and hear peoples thoughts.
What and amazing ability! This is something that I love about Dave! When we first started dating I thought it was just a coincident that we were always on the same page. We seemed to always be thinking the same things. We wanted to do the same activities, we always agreed on the same things, but then I learned about his ability to read my mind. It kinda bugged me at first, when I learned that he had just been reading my thoughts and agreeing with everything I had been saying and thinking. I got over it though. The truth is, its quite nice. He always knows what I'm thinking. He knows what I want, when I want it. He always refills the soap dispenser, or leaves me little notes. He knows to gives me little kisses on my forehead, and that I love it when he calls me sweetheart. He knows just when to tell me he loves me or that I look cute. Its nice to know he is listening to my thoughts and doing the little things that he knows I want him to do!

Nathan Paterlli
Nathan can fly.
It didn't take me long to figure out that Dave could fly. It was obvious from the moment I met him. He was successful in all he did. Flying through his masters at Purdue with a perfect 4.0, finding the gospel, moving out west.(His Dream!) He was truly flying. He has shared this ability with me and is helping me learn to fly..but with major supervision. And let me tell you, this flying thing has give me an entire new perspective on life....the view from up here is AMAZING!! Sometimes it even feels like I'm doing it by myself. Through all of this Dave has opened my eyes to possibilities that I thought were out of my reach. He has helped me to become someone that I never thought I could be and accomplish goals and dreams I never knew I could...some of these goals I never knew I had or even wanted!Just a few examples of some goals I have had in the past that were always so hard to accomplish: I have actually become a morning person! (you may have read this in a previous post) Who would have ever thought this to even be a possibility?? I would have bet millions upon millions of dollars that this would NEVER happen! I now LOVE to exercise..again I would have bet millions that this would have never happened. I have learned to be a positive thinker and be happy all of the time, no matter what happens. Theses are just a few of the many many things that Dave's "ability" has taught me. It literally has made me feel like I can fly. Like the sky is the limit. And I am so thankful for his dedication and patience while I am learning to spread my wings! I am just a baby bird ya know!

Peter Patrelli:
Peter absorbs others special abilities and then can use their power as his own.We have not finished watching season two so I am not sure what lies ahead for Peter, but I know that his abilities are very strong and very important. My prediction is that Peter's life has a huge purpose and he will do amazing things with his abilities and his life. Many people are relying on him to "save the world" and I believe he will. (I hope I'm right!!)

Dave has so many unbelievable "abilities" and talents. I know he will continue to share these with those around him, just as he does now. I know there are people relying on him to "save the world" in his own way... one person at a time and I know he will. He has already saved my world. He has given my life meaning, purpose. He has literally changed who I am and what I want to be. He has helped me to become a person that I never knew I could be. And I am so thankful for him. He sacrifices for us and dedicates so much for me. He does so much for those around him. He serves so faithfully in his calling and loves the young mean he works with. He is such a great example to those he works with and always sharing the gospel with those around him, being a missionary everyday. I can not express to him how grateful I am for his love and his meaning in my life. Although his "abilities" may not be "super natural" they are super hero and have saved me and my life. He is my hero and I am so incredibly grateful for ever moment of our life together. Thank you honey for giving me all your patience, guidance, understanding, and love. You are my best friend. You are my HERO!

if you read this entire post..you are either, my mom, sister, or very very bored! :) thanks for tuning in!! :)


Jacqueline and Jared Miller said...

Wo mama that was a long post but super cute! I am glad you love Dave so much and he loves you soo much!! You guys rock!

Craig Family said...

I read the whole post & loved it. You may not fix your punctuation errors, but no one can ever say you are not a creative & talented writer. Such a clever post about Dave's "abilities". I think he really does have those abilities. But so do you, you can always tell when I need a phone call (read minds), or when I am feeling down (make the situation more happy), oh, I have so many more, I'll have to create a post about your "abilities"!

Erin said...

You are right I am bored, but I am also your sister and so happy for you! And a little sad that I do not have these "powers"to influence Trevor!

The Hodsons said...

Have you seen LOST? It's a great show to get hooked on and it keeps you thinking...I can tell you really love your husband Natalie! Fun post!