New Favorite Show

Don't jump to any conclusions! This is not taking the place of my all time favorite favortiest show....the one and only LOST...It is however being added to my list of favs!...and its getting up there after just two episodes! It's a REALLY great show! Imagine a mix between "The X-Files" and "Twilight Zone" and then add the genius minds from the creators of Lost and Alias to the mix! What do you get? A really cool, creepy weird, action packed, mystery filled, exciting show!! When I found out the producers of Lost and Alias were making this show, I hoped with all my might it would turn out wonderfully...and to my excitement it did! There are even times in the show where they play that weird sound effect music from lost..(I thoroughly enjoy those sounds!) I wasn't sure how I would feel about Joshua Jackson being one of the main characters, but it turns out he fits the role perfectly! Good think I was not in charge of casting! Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) the main character is very like able as well. She's really pretty (not importnat, but maybe a little right?) but more than that she really is a perfect fit for the role! If you have not yet seen the show...you can catch the first two episodes by clicking here FOX.COM and then pick up where you left off next next Tuesday @ 9/8C...its 9:00pm at our house so figure out where you live and do the math!

Now a little treat for all of you TV buffs out there that are wondering what Fall 2008 TV has in store for you! When do your favorite TV shows start? What are the new shows, and what are they all about? Anybody wondering these things? Well, I know I was.... SO...I took the liberty of creating my own schedule, and I thought it would be a shame if I kept it to myself. So after doing a bit of research and watching tid-bids of all the new fall shows, I can say with little hesitation that I am really excited, and am pretty hopefully for the new fall tv schedule! GEEZE LOUISE... All this talk about TV is making me excited to go home, get in my comfys and snuggle up next to my honey and watch something fun! I love the excitement that Dave and I share together when we know its the day that our favorite show is on! This summer has really sucked as far as TV shows go, so we are very excited about the upcoming schedule! My list includes new and returning shows that have started or will be starting in the near future. These shows are shows I plan on watching or shows that I plan on trying out for an episode or two to see what I think.

So to all my fellow tv lovers out there..Get those DVRS ready, wash your pjs, put the kids to bed...and get ready for some serious ACTION....you, your husband/wife...and the TV!!

(If you click on the show itself it is hyperlinked to its home page where you can find out more about the shows times, watch previews, etc.)

Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles FOX Mondays 8:00 pm
Hero's NBC (Sept 22) 9:00 pm
Prison Break FOX 9:00 pm
My Own Worst Enemy NBC (Oct 13) 10:00pm

Biggest Looser NBC Tuesdays 8:00 pm
Fringe FOX 9:00 pm
The Mentalist CBS (Sept 23) 9:00 pm

Knight Rider CBS (Sept 24) 8:00pm

Kath and Kim NBC (Oct 9) 8:30pm
The Office NBC 9:00pm
Eleventh Hour CBS (Oct 21)10:00 pm
Life On Mars NBC (Oct 9) 10:00 pm

Crusoe NBC 8:00pm (Oct 17)

24 FOX Sunday 11/23 (Season 7 Jan 2009)

LOST EARLY 2009 (that is all the info they give us..those dirty bags!)

PS...if I'm missing a show that you love to watch please leave a comment and tell me about it because trust me I want to know!!


Craig Family said...
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Craig Family said...

What I was trying to write was....
Hello, did you forget Wentworth Miller? Prison Break, Mondays @ 9:00pm pacific on Fox. This is a great season, thus far.

Also, what about "Life"? And too bad that time travel guy got canceled. I enjoyed that one too. Sarah Connor Chronicles is fun because I love that girl Cameron. She is so funny that it makes the show great. I guess that's why I used to love 3rd rock from the sun when it was on. I find the "alien tying to get used to the human culture" rather humorous.

Natalie and Dave Shaw said...

Thanks! For the Prison Break Info! DUH! I added it to my list! I totally forgot about Prison break, but only because I have not watched it since the second season...I have been meaning to ask you...should Dave and I rent them on DVD and get caught up? Is it still good and worth watching? If so tell me ASAP and we will bust them out in no time!!

Jacqueline and Jared Miller said...

Hahaha awesome!! I am sooo excited for the office i have been dying!! Those were awesome posts!! I love reading your stuff!!