Weekend Update

So...not that anyone really cares that I have been the worst blogger in the world lately, but it totally bugs me that I have not had a free second to make a post! I have been crazy busy at work, and then I have been running around with my head cut off doing fun and busy work at home getting ready for Dave's parents and my parents to come and stay with us this week and next week! Court called last week and asked me if I was going to be in Seattle for the weekend....I said uh... no why?? She failed to remember that her best sister ever only lived 3 hours way and that she was going to be there for 3 days before departing on her Cruise to Alaska! So hello...of course we were going to be there!! So last weekend Dave and I drove up to Seattle and we had an AWESOME weekend! Court and Case were so great and let us shack up with them in their water front Marriott hotel! It was so fun! The Marriott even provided a lovely consieres room with great breakfast, lunch/snacks and hang our area where we found ourselves hanging out a lot with the kids and all the Craig family. We went to pikes market, the Seattle Aquarium, had awesome seafood, went to Nordstroms rack, did some window shopping, ate yummy cherries, great chocolate, walked around the city, soaked in the hot tub...watched the kiddies swim (which is all they wanted to do), got some good sister talking in, and just had a great time! It was so fun to be able to hang out with them in our neck of the "woods". We usually have go home to see family, so it was so fun to be close to home to see them!! We had a fun filled weekend and loved seeing them! Thanks guys for letting us share your hotel and your weekend! We loved every minute of it! Seattle is such a fun city! The weekend came and went way to fast but we lived it up while we were there! I miss you already sister! Have so much fun in Alaska! Eat some more yummy 'm seafood for me!! love you tons!! I'm such a geek and didn't get really any good pics of the city or with court and case...I got a few of dave and I that I'll post wehn I get home from work..peace out!


Miller's said...

How fun to have family come to you. It sounds like it was a fun getaway weekend for you two as well. I want to go to Seattle someday, we almost went last year right before we had Mais (we were going to go see Mark and Annie). But we decided not to and now I wish I would've.