That's One Cool Cat

So maybe I should have posted this before the post about going to Seattle so it would have been in order, but who cares. So this last weekend we went to Seattle. We left for work at 5:45am like normal not to return until Sunday evening around 6pm. Every morning before we leave for work we check and make sure that Turtle has come out from under the bed and is down stairs. We always keep the doors closed when we are not home so that turtle does not get into things and make a mess. Well Friday was a day just like any other...so we thought. Sunday evening when we got home from Seattle I went upstairs and opened the door to our bedroom and plopped the bags onto the bed....I then heard a very raspy and loud....MMMMMEEEOOOOWWWW! And a saw a tiny kitten crawl out from under the bed! My hands immediately went straight to my mouth and I gasped ....OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOO HOLLYY CRAP!!!! So, since we all know I'm the cruel one and have not been the big animal lover until lately....my thoughts immediately went to material things and at that very second I caught a strong whiff of stinky pee... can you say SICK-A-NING! Very strong and so stinky. I could not believe what was happening. In a split second a million thoughts raced through my head. Pee on the sheets, poop on the pillows, crap all over the floor, this was my WORST NIGHTMARE...I was panicking and I hollered for Dave. He immediately ran in the room, grabbed turtle and took her to her food and water. (oops...why didn't i think of that...don't worry animal lovers..It couldn't have been more than 15-20 seconds that I sat there horrified in that disgusting pee smell thinking of where all the poo and pee could be, feeling sorry for myself....when instead I should have been worried that our poor kitty was in severe need of food and water).

So after we got her the much needed food and water she needed and apologized to her 100 times over and over, we went up to assess the damage. I seriously had tears in my eyes wondering how we would ever really know where she had peed. Would the smell ever come out. How could we even find every place she peed and pooped? And How could we ever get the smell to go away. Luckily Dave has the nose of a dog nose on steroids.... he got on all fours and started to sniff around. We started with the bed and sniffed and searched out every square inch.....we smelled nothing! THANK GOODNESS! We searched the closet, under the clothes, over the clothes, on top of the clothes, nothing, nothing, and again...nothing. We searched in and around every shoe.....still nothing. As we made our way into bathroom the smell started to intensify...that's when we noticed something that seemed way too good to be true....a yellow stain in the shower...that's right folks, a yellow stain in the shower. Little turtle, our sweet, cute, cuddly little turt good, had decided to do her peedles in the shower. Not on the shower mat, not on the bathroom floor, not on the toilet or around the toilet..... but inside the shower. We hoped and prayed that she made that her permanent litter box! So after 20 minutes of combing the room and bathroom and to our absolute amazement, we concluded that our genius kitty used the shower as her little box! She did not pee on an ounce on anything else! And to top it all off, she did not poop..not once! Not even in the shower. She held it for three days! That's right! We searched high and low and there were no terdys to be found! Is that freaking unbelievable! I love her more than I can describe for that! Is she a genius kitty or what? Dave and I figure that the shower was the closest thing to a litter box she could find and so she chose it to pee in and stuck with it. We also thought maybe because of the lack of food and water she just didn't have anything to poop out and that is why she didn't poop, but as soon as we let her out of the room, she went straight to her litter box and pooped like 4 times! She was actually holding her poop, not wanting to make a mess. Bless her little heart!! Amazing if you ask me. That is One Cool Cat!


Kristen Gough said...

Poor kitty! But it sounds like something I would do--oops!

Also, have you noticed that you have my blog listed four times on your sidebar? I mean, I know I'm totally awesome and all but one time would suffice :)

Ryan and Maria said...

That is amazing- you really lucked out there!!! However, I still couldn't get an animal in our house, just not the type.

katie, dave, lucille said...

ok, that is hysterical. precious little turtle performed!