We did too

Dave and I went camping last weekend...seems like the rest of everyone that posted this week did also! So this post is almost a week late. But....better late than never right! Crazy as it may sound..i have been so busy at work this week! It's true! I have! I haven't have a second to do anything but work! (Wow, now I know what it's like to not have a chance to do anything but my job, and not have time to blog or post comments or write emails...huh(sigh)..that feels weird) Anyhow, enough of that.
So last weekend Dave and I went camping!! It was really fun! I have not been camping in six years. If I was to count the number of times I have been camping I can add them up on one hand! So that means I have only been maybe 5 times. My dad was not into camping. Not AT ALL. His idea of camping is a Motel 8...and that would be pushing it for him. So I needless to say, I was pretty exciting to go on our first camping trip as a married couple! It was kinda last minute thing. Since we knew it was going to be a really warm weekend (95 degrees which is the first warm weekend up here) we decided on wednesday lets do it!! Luckily my parents gave us all the stuff we would need for our birthdays (thanks dad and mom) so i got to planning and planned my little heart out.... so we packed up our crap (that was a lot of work.... preparation, planning, packing, preparing ...bla bla bla) it took tons of time, organizing, effort and only for two, man I can't imagine how long that would take for an entire family with kids and extra tents and food and poopy bums with diapers and all that stuff! ewww! We went to a camp ground that was about an hour and 1/2 from our house along the Clackamass river. It was beautiful. We did all the camping stuff, ya know the hot dog, smores, goodies, hiking, treats, fun stuff like that! We watched a movie in the tent on the lap top and tried to sleep peacefully on a blow up mattress the we had to blow up over and over throughout the night as it deflated on us time and time again. Luckily we had an electrical outlet and a pump with a hose that we could stick into mattress to blow us up each time it deflated...lets just say we woke up in the morning sore and tired. We only spent that one night and then that morning we packed up our stuff hiked around, went down to the river, which was gorgeous, drove around into a cute little town and bought some fire works and home grown pea pods..YUMMY.... and then drove home.

thats a creepy face!

my "bigfoot" sighting!

Even though it was one short night, it was long enough for both of us and lots of fun! We ended the weekend with a fun game of golf with some friends! What a fun weekend! Now the weekend is here again, wow the week flew by! And this weekend will be even better than last weekend cus its the 4th AND its a 4 day weekend AND its Dave's birthday on Monday AND the weekend just makes me happy!! YAY fun fun fun! OK i guess that's all for now. I really am busy and have to get back to work.... bye bye. I'll post the pictures from camping when i get home.


Cade & Kelsey said...

Looks like fun, camping is so much work and preperation but it is so much fun. I love camping.