Happy Birthday Court

Its your birthday!! Lets celebrate! Today is Courts Birth-a-day! Happy b-day Court! You are such an awesome sister... seriously...do they get any better than her? I know we are all shaking our head in agreeance! I do not know anyone more loving, kind, sweet, fun and more enjoyable to be around than her. She is always smiling, always happy, always kind and just so darn loveable.....thats why I can't seem to go a day without some sort of communication with her. I just can't seem to get enough of the girl! And besides all the beauty that lies on the inside...I have two words for you...FAITH HILL....AKA...COURTNEY CRAIG! ha ha ok so that's an inside joke between her and I, but seriously...I really don't know many people more beautiful than my very own sister!! SHE IS A MAMASITA! Seriously though...she really is so gorgeous ...and as corny as it may sound, she really is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She radiates the light of Christ in all she does. Its almost like that light is who she is.....I can not express how blessed and thankful I am to have such an amazing sister who for as long as I can remember has been an example and someone I could always look up to. She has always, no matter what time of day or wee hours of the night.... been there to help, encouragement, support, and love me....She has given me friendship, advice, patience, understanding, and at times much needed kicks in the bum.... she has been way more than any sister could ever ask for! From the time I was old enough to even comprehend what a sister was, Courtney was treating me like a best friend and cared for me like any little sister could only hope and dream of....and it has only gets better as every year goes by. Happy birthday Court! Thanks for being my best friend and sister! Thank you for always making me feel so special! Thank you for always being there for me and being such a great example! You are just so great!.And like I said...I just can't get enough of you!! I love you sister!!

So as I was writing this little post, I started thinking about some fun memories that we have shared together over the years and things I loved about being your little sister...so I thought I'd list a few.....hope you like em! Love ya and happy day to you!!

- I remember being so excited to read the sister advice you would leave under my barbie bed each week

-I loved helping get you ready for a date/aka rubbing your legs down with lotion/laying your clothes out/getting things ready/keeping the date entertained while you finished up/checking out the blind date before you saw and then reporting back to you if he was any cute....

-I remember begging you to wake me up when you got home from your date, dying to know how it went and if you would like the guy or not. The entire time you were gone it would seem like an eternity. I also remember trying my hardest to wait up for you after a date on the weekends/and then being so bummed when I would wake up the next morning realizing I didn't stay awake

-I loved when you would take me with you and all your girl friends ( i was only 8/10yrs old here people she was in high school) what a cool/sweet sister

-Sitting in front of the radio recording music to send to you while you were in Europe thinking about how much i missed you (I was 10yrs old)

-It was a blast visiting you in California and spending our days shopping and thrift stores and making Velveta shells and cheese...mmmm yum yum

-I loved coming home from junior high and hanging out at Jerry's and your first apartment having sleep overs and feelings like the coolest girl in the world just hanging with my sista

-Getting taco maker with you...soft and crisp bean burritos yum yum!!

-I felt so cool when you took me to get my ears pierced (these are in no particular order obviously) (8yrs old)

-Cruising the vard....in the convertable...with our bandanas....ha i totally forgot about that one (8yrs old)

-Hanging out with you and casey.....making sure i approved (you even let me cuddle with him!! (11yrs old)

-Spending Christmas with your family at the cabin... (how can you feel down when you are surrounded by you best friend and kids on Christmas?) (2005)

-Visiting you in vegas...with all of my boyfriends ha ha ha....at least i finally ended on the best one of all the game!! YAY ME...Dave is a WINNER!! (1999-NOW)

-Chatting with you everyday about any and everything...even if its just to say hi (my favorite!!) (my entire life)

-Hanging out with you and your cabin last fall while the boys did there thing and we just sat around and talked.......oh the life!

We both know there are just to darn many to list! So there are just a few fun things out of a pile of a million gazillion! I can not wait until we live in the same state, wherever that may be....I know it will happen, and I really feel like it will be soon! Keep your fingers crossed littlecookie (did that sound like mom oops) ha ha and I'll do the same and pretty soon, we will be making memories like never before! I hope you have an awesome birthday! Thanks for being so wonderful! Love, Nanny


Jacqueline and Jared Miller said...

Yay for courtney!! Happy birthday! Those were funny memories-i liked them!! Well, it looks like me and you are the only true bloggers any more. everyone else sucks!!!Good job sister!

Craig Family said...

Thank you for the awesome b-day post. I loved the memories you shared too. It is so fun being the younger sister of the family. This b-day means I'm still only....um, I forgot. Just ask Grace, she tells everyone that I'm not 29 anymore. BOO HOO.

Mike & Zona said...