vamos a mexico

We are going to Mexico tomorrow morning! YAY!!! It was way last minute. We finally figured out a time that would work after 4 hours of trying..no joke. So Tuesday evening we nailed down the date...which is tomorrow! Yay. We just finished packing and are now off to bed... our flight leaves at 7:00am so we have to get to bed. Oh and happy 2 year anniversary to dave on Monday 6.1.07...I can't believe its been two years. Best two years in the history of two years! I meant to write something the other day about it but i have been swamped and when we found out we were going to go to mexico with 1 days notice that added on a million things on top of the already swamppyness. I have a few other things i'd like to blog about too....but they'll have to wait, Mexico is calling. Adios Amigos


The Browns said...

Nat I hope you have an amazing time in mexico. Be safe and stay away from the hospitals so you dont get the flu! Call us when you get back so we can hang.

Miller's said...

Hope your having fun, I am SO jealous!!!