oh the divertido

Finally! Here are the pics. On the way to Mexico we had to be on an early flight and I was super tired. At the risk of being super embarrassed, I am posting the following picture that dave took of me on our flight...... for two reasons, one: dave dared me and to and two: i think its hilarious! Dave added some colors to make it look like i was dead...please enjoy a laugh at my expense

At the mall trying on sunglasses....i picked this pair

The pools and Hotel

My little mexican

Dave shopping for a wedding ring..(after two years of searching)

Swinging in the hammock at the Hilton...warm breeze, ocean waves....heaven!

crab catching on the beach


literally the sexiest man alive

2 years...happier and more in love than ever ever ever... (anniversary 06.01.07)

the view from the pool

What an amazing trip! All we did was eat, sleep, layout and relax. We drank virgin pina coladas, ate yummy food, ice cream twice daily..sometimes more, ordered room service, rode the bus, shopped at the mall, made deals at the market....and enjoyed each others company. FUN FUN DIVERTIDO! Happy two year anniversary to us...i love my honey and am more thankful for him and our life together than i could ever explain. We will definitely being going back very very soon!


Miller Family said...

Yay!! So fun! I love all your pictures it looks so pretty there! Trips are the best!

Brett and Lex said...

Wow, it's been two years! Crazy! I love the pictures - especially "My little mexican" and you in the hammock and you as Natalibre...HAHA! Did Dave find a ring?

Margaret said...

Glad you guys were able to go and not get the swine flu. And, what is that chesty giant Voodoo doll thing? I was laughing at it, but I have no clue what it is.
Looks beautiful...the trip, not the chesty doll.

The Browns said...

Oh my freak that picture of you asleep is soooo freakin funny! I am glad you posted it I laughed for a good 60 seconds. Then Hudson woke up and I had to go put him back to sleep. I loved it. You guys look like you had so much fun. Lucky!