I love today. Less work and More time with my little honey. A Dinner date at Tony’s with some people I really love…not to mention food that I can’t get enough of. An entire weekend without work! I’ll welcome errands I might have and enjoy taking my time doing them…mostly because Dave is with me, and today it feels like we have all the time in the world. Tonight we will go out to eat….there’s something about going out to eat that makes me want to do it every single day. I love ordering something I know I’ll love…and I adore watching Dave point at his food with his fork while his mouth is full and give it the satisfactory nod accompanied with “uh huh!” (this means he loves it and he is HAPPY!)
what a babe he is….best thing is he doesn’t even know it….making him all the more babeolicious! After chatting, laughing, and enjoying the evening with friends and we’re all alone…..we’ll start a movie and purposely fall asleep watching it all cuddled up in blankets… it feels so nice knowing that tomorrow will not wake us up. As my eyes start to get heavy and I drift off into dream land …I’ll suddenly remember that I haven’t brushed my teeth……as suddenly as I remember…I purposely forget….. instead, I snuggle up closer to my darling, give him a bad breath kiss and fall back asleep… what a lovely day!


The Browns said...

That sounds fun can I come over for the movie next weekend and snuggle to? I promise to brush my teeth. That was fun at tonys i love talking about the good old times. Thanks lady.