Guess what? No really…guess what!??? Guess what I’m doing right now…not this very second but you get the gist… Anyone? It’s something you’d never ever in a million years believe once I tell you.. (if you know me well that is). Any guesses? Let me give you a few hints:
1. It’s something I say I don’t like to do
2. It requires free time
3. It’s something people do that I always want to do but just can’t seem to get into
4. It’s something that my sisters would be proud of me for doing (I think)
5. It’s something my mom used to say leaders do
Ok that is too many clues. If you know the answer, leave a comment….
All I can say is good job me! Although most people do this all the time…I’m not most people. So yay me! I’m so pleased… infact maybe I’ll do it again!
Ps…this has nothing to do with exercising or nutrition :)


Craig Family said...

It doesn't count if it is People magazine. HAHA! But if not, I am sooo proud of you and I am dying to know what you are reading. What could possibly be holding your attention? Do tell. I am in need of a new read. Love you!

Erin said...

Serving Others? Never mind. It couldn't be that! Ha ha ha! Courtney is probably right since you talk to her about EVERYTHING! What are you reading...spill it!