long time no post

I can't believe its been almost one month without a post. Thank goodness other people aren't lazy and make time for blogging because if not...i would have nothing to look forward to at work. I don't have much to blog about. But, I thought I'd post a few pics and give a little update.

Illinois was great. We had a wonderful Christmas and it was fun to spend time with Dave's family. We did a lot of relaxing, way too much eating, a lot of sleeping in, talking, and hanging around. It was really nice.

Going back to work after a two week break almost gave me a stroke. I'm back into the swing of things now, ffffppphhheeeww! (hand swiping my brow). We found a fabulous house that we LOVE to death....we made and offer, they countered, we countered back...and it just wasn't low enough. So we are back to square one. Kinda frustrating, no no no VERY frustrating... But the good news is we are saving money everyday...so we have that to be thankful for...along with everything else of course! Dave is working his little bum off being the best hubby ever. Turtle is being a sweetie pie cuddling with us every night while we watch TV. We have started working out again...hallelujah... Dave bought me the biggest loser DVDs for Christmas and sweet mother they are hard! They are kicking my butt....hopefully after a few months it will disappear! That is the goal at least. Life is good. House hunting is hard. Exercising is worth it. "24" is back with a bang. I'm anticipating "Lost"...and last but not least, Tony's is my favorite restaurant.
Goodbye for now.


Tonic said...

You're a hottie, let's REALLY get together soon! Ah I can't wait for Lost.. happy day!

Miller Family said...

Hahah yay!! Its nice to see a post from you again! (Like I have room to talk)Cute pics!! Sorry about the house! I am excited for this weekend!

Erin said...

I have a new post, and I just realized how much closer I will be to Tony's! Yay for me.

The Browns said...

Yeah baby tonys is the bomb and I am so excited for tonight. I better go get ready right now or I will never be ready for tonight.