Just Tuesday

Just another Tuesday. I don't love Tuesday. It's kinda the same as Monday. It's still so far from the weekend and you really only have Monday behind you.

1. Does anyone else LOVE peanut butter and honey??

2. I went to a spin class this morning and was very disappointed. I've decided that running is so much easier and lots more fun. You get to a point where you don't really have to think about what your doing and you just go....lucky for me running burns alot more calories than spinning! 500+/hr compared to 360/hr (stats provided by my best friend the body bugg)

3. I am one lucky wife

4. FANTASTIC NEWS! We got a massage chair! Its true! A few weeks ago we were in Brooke Stone playing around with all their fun stuff and I sat in the most comfy incredibly relaxing massage chair. It was heaven. I figured it would be outrageously expensive but to my surprise it as totally affordable. So after receiving an unbelievable back massage I was convinced that we had to get one. I told Dave and reluctantly he tried it out, it only took a few minutes of massaging and he was sold!Before we went through with the purchase we wanted to look around at other chairs to make sure we were getting what we wanted for a good price. Luckily Dave excels when it comes to spending hours on the Internet researching products and their quality, pros, cons, prices and everything under the sun. So after a week of intense Internet searching and an in depth color coded excel spreadsheet produced by Dave highlighting everything there was to know about each chair we were interested in....we came to a decision and bought one!

Best thing about it is we got a higher quality chair that was cheaper than the one at Brooke Stone! Thanks honey for your persistence in researching and Internet searching. I am sitting in this sucker right now...it feels so wonderful on my sore back! I am one happy girl! Thanks babe!

5. Dave is eating vegetables. That's right. Today his lunch includes 1 cup of broccoli and 1/2 cup of green beans. This was his idea! GO HONEY!

6. Turtle won't stop meowing, and its not a regular meow either...its a really weird sounding whine....and it's unbelievably annoying (i love her...but seriously she has to stop this madness)

I think that will do for now. Just some random thoughts and facts about the day to day. I better get back to Tuesday. Pretty soon it will be Wednesday, which is great cus the next day is Thursday and I love Thursdays because Thursdays mean the next day is Friday and that makes me very very happy!


Morgan said...

Hey Nat! I am glad to see that you blog too! By the way, I hate Tuesdays too! It looks like Portland is a gorgeous place.


Kristen Gough said...

How about I just come over and sit in your new chair and we count that as VT for the month :)

Jacqueline and Jared Miller said...

Haha I think the same way you do! I hate monday and tuesday!! I love your new chair it is awesome!! When turttle is meowing give her some peanut butter, that will shut her up for a while!! hehe