I AM.......

i am: sitting next to Dave while he is playing PlayStation!!! (em, that was not planned, i just happen to be posting at the same time! too funny)
i think: that people in Portland freak out when there is any kind of change in the weather (aka today is 100 degrees, hot yes, but they act like its gonna be the death of them!)
i know: the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is true
i want: someone to take away my back pain
i have: the nicest sexiest husband in the world
i dislike: being cold
i miss: MY FAMILY!!
i fear: being fat
i feel: incredibly blessed and happy
i hear: TV noises
i smell: cinnamon gum (yummy!)
i crave: doughnuts and pretty much anything sweet
i cry: when I get really flustered
i usually: run an hour every day
i search: for jobs because i need a new one
i wonder: if my back pain will ever go away
i regret: Not getting a degree in something that I enjoy doing
i love: Being with Dave
i care: about not hurting peoples feelings
i always: use q-tips to fix my eye liner
i am not: into video games
i remember: to put the toilet paper on the way Dave likes it
i believe: in being and staying positive
i dance: and do funny hand motions while singing to annoy Dave
i sing: in the car
i don’t always: floss my teeth
i argue: when i sometimes shouldn't
i write: to do lists
i win: the doughnut eating contest at our annual Halloween party 3yrs running
i lose: patience with turtle when she meows non stop
i wish: that my family would move to Oregon so we could all live together in an amazing place
i listen: to Music while I exercise
i don't understand: how to do any kind math that deals with fractions
i can usually be found: with dave
i am scared: of becoming fat
i need: my husband by my side
i forget: to turn off the curling iron (from Dave)
i am happy: that i get to sleep in tomorrow!

I tag, Jac, Court, (uh hello do you even blog anymore) and Erin!!


Alicia said...

Nat that was fun to read!! I did not know you had back problems too!! What is up with yours? Brian's is so super bad I wish his would go away!!

Emily said...

I can tell that you dont even love your husband and that you think he is ugly!!! That is so sad!!! Just kidding.....you love him...I can tell when I read your blog!!! I need to come to Oregon yesterday....oh and I need to run every day too! You motivate me Natty! Oh my...I have to tell you...Brian and I took Harlee to SLC to play for her b-day and when I was drinking pop or eating this yummy cookie she would say "I Love drinks, I wish I could have a
drink" or "mmmmmm I love cookies, emmy do you like cookies?" Picture yourself saying that with the frosting....funny!!! I thought of you and laughed!!!

Jacqueline and Jared Miller said...

Haha hey that was cute! I check the blogs all the time! I miss you sister and I am glad you had a fun weekend!!