Zone and Mike were here to visit the past four days and WOW we had a BLAST! We were able to do so much! This was there second time to visit Portland since we've lived here. Their first visit was right after we got married, and since we now know our way around better than the first time they were here, we were able to show the many things and places that we have come to love, and a lot of what Portland has to offer!

Dave and I unfortunately had to work 1/2 days Wednesday and Thursday since we took off two days last week with Dave's parents...so Mom and Dad woke up on Wed morning and went on a beautiful walk and did some exploring in the morning and early afternoon. We met up with them around 2:00pm and went to the Beaverton Farmers Market which was wonderful by the way! There were hundreds of fresh fruits, veggies and yummy other things! There were beautiful flowers, yummy candies, kettle corn, and tons of other vendors selling other cool things. There is also a huge fountain in the park surrounded by beautiful flowers and cute benches. After walking through the market we sat on talked, relaxed and enjoyed the wonderful weather and each others company.We ended the evening with a yummy dinner at PF Changs..yummy yummy!

Thursday Dad and Mom went on another walk and then went to the rose gardens! They then met us at work and we showed them around the water front and walk way at Freightliner and then headed off to Multnomah falls. We checked out the water fall and then hiked our bums off to the top! OUCH!

It is a pretty steep hike and once you get to the top its a beautiful view looking out over the entire Columbia River Gorge. Once we made it down and realized we burned so many calories from the long hard hike... Out back Steak house called our name!! It was so good! I love Out Back! After dinner we went back home and watched a movie. What a fun day!

Dave and I took off Friday from work..YAY!! I love not working!! So, first thing in the morning, we Drove out to Banks, OR to go Blueberry Picking! The Blueberry Farm is in the middle of no where surrounded by trees and beautiful rolling hills. It is just beautiful!

The blueberry bushes where 6-8 feet tall and were covered with blueberry's. They were literally falling off the tree/bush! It was so much fun! We ended up picking 27lbs of blueberry's! It was unbelievable!

We ate so many while we picked them. I left there sick to my stomach! We got 27lbs of blueberries for $32.00! The weather was cool and the surroundings were incredible! It was AMAZING!! It was one my most favorite things I have done in Oregon! After Blueberry picking we came home got ready and headed over to the Cheesecake Factory for an AMAZING lunch, followed by some great shopping.....and what better way to end a perfect day than with a wonderful visit to the Portland Temple!

We were pooped by the time we got home! I actually fell asleep on the floor while in attempts to make plans for the next day! Another absolutley WONDERFUL day!

Saturday Zone and Mike went Berry picking bright and early while Dave and I slept in a little. (Zone had to get more raspberry's to take home...she ended up taking two carry ons full of blueberry's and raspberries! gotta lover her!!)

Dave LUCKILY remembered Friday afternoon that the Oregon Air show was Saturday morning/afternoon... He has been waiting for the air show all year long! This was something we COULD NOT MISS! Lucky for ME my dad was here and we did a boys go to the air show, girls go to lunch and shopping!!! Me and mom went on a nice walk, came home got ready, went to lunch and did some shopping. It was so fun! I loved being able to spend some alone time talking and hanging out with my mom! She is so wonderful and I really miss not being able to be with her whenever I please!

We met up with the boys around 2:30 and headed to the Coast! The drive was beautiful as always! We visited Cannon beach, Ecoli park and Seaside! It was all of our first time at Seaside and we all loved it! We walked around the shops, enjoyed the beautiful scenery, walked by the beach, had a lovely seafood dinner at Doogers and topped it all off with yummy waffle cone ice cream! Can you say HOLY COW, CAN IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT...FFFFUUUUNNNN???????

WOW...can you believe it???? Talk about a fun fun and more fun! Are we lucky or what?!!! Seriously we had so much fun with you guys! Thanks so much mom and dad for coming to visit! We enjoyed every second of you being here! It was so fun to chat, hang out, drive around,eat food, shop, and just have you here! We wish SO bad we could be with you more often and spend this kind of time with you on a regular basis! Thank you for all the dinners, lunches, treats, gifts, clothes, goodies, ETC..ETC!! You guys spoil us way to much! We are so lucky to have you!! We love and miss you already! Come back anytime...and make it soon!! We love you!!


Jacqueline and Jared Miller said...

Yay! It sounds like you had sooo much fun! I bet you guys are pooped! Mom and Dad are so cute! All those pictures are cute and funny! Im glad you guys had fun!! I miss my sister!

Mike & Zona said...

Nat and Dave,
What a wonderful time we had being with you two!!! YOu were such wonderful hosts and we loved every minute of every day!!! Thank you so much for taking the time and having the "patience" to put up with the "old" parents! We had such fun. Portland is an amazingly beuatiful place. Attention all kids: Could you please get a job there so we can all move up there together?????

Emily said...

Lucky! Seems like way way to much fun! I love your mom and dad! Cute pics too!!!

Miller's said...

Dang, you guys just had a fun filled few days! It sounds like there is just so much fun things to do there. What a fun place for your parents to be able to come and visit.