I've always wondered how people loose their sense of what's in style or not. Did they always have problems with fashion? Were they once in the know? Do they just not care? Or did their fashion sense somehow slowly slip away as the years went by, until one day they looked in the mirror only to see a "shlumpadinka" (as Oprah would say) staring back. http://www.oprah.com/beauty/fashion/slide/20080220/fashion_20080220_101.jhtml
I had a mini shlumpadinka moment today that really made me laugh and love my husband even more!!

My in-laws gave me a gift card to Urban Outfitters for my birthday and I couldn't wait to use it! This after noon Dave and I drove through a down poor of hail to the down town Urban Outfitters in Portland. To save time and find the things I wanted more quickly I asked Dave to help me pick some stuff to try on. He started on one side of the store and I started on the other. We met up and with his hard work, I had a bunch to try on.

Dave sat in the dressing area while I modeled each item for him. Item one...check, he liked it. Item two...check, he liked it. Item three...check, he loved it! This went on and on until I had tried on everything. 100% Satisfaction from me and Dave! My heart sunk knowing that I only had enough with my gift card to pick one or two things. I took all my items out of the dressing room and asked Dave which were his favorites. He looked at me with his sweet face and without hesitation he lovingly said.. "All of them...Get them all". I looked at him confused as I had tried on many items not expecting to get even half of them. "Get them all he said again this time hesitating before he spoke the next few words...it will be good for your wardrobe...you could use some new clothes..... new styles, some of your stuff is too plain, a little boring, this will help." Now maybe in other circumstances this would have made me frown a tiny bit ...but not this time... instead I was absolutely elated thinking about the arm full of shirts that would now be hanging in my closet and permanently modeled by me! I asked if he was sure and trust me, he was sure as ever!! YAY!!! As we were at the register checking out, I stopped and thought about what had just happened, and that is when I had my first "Shlumpadinka" moment. It hit me....my husband is incredibly more fashionable that me. It looks like I'm starting to loosing it...or did I ever have it??! In less time than me, he was able to pick out several very cute outfits, all in the right sizes, trendy styles, cute fits, cute colors, and on top of that, these items truly will spice up my wardrobe. As I thought about his comments in the dressing room, I did a mental scan through my closet.... I was in agreeance with my little honey husband... my wardrobe has become a bit drab. On the drive home I asked him if in the future he would help me put together some outfits to help me be more creative and exciting with my current wardrobe....and being the sweetheart that he is, he agreed!!!

So I guess I have an answer to my question....its easy to loose your sense of what is fashionable or not pretty dang easy..... a comfy sweatshirt....a boring shade shirt.....the same old work clothes.... my favorite gym t-shirt.....or my lovely g's..... Luckily, I have a husband who loves me fashionable or not. And now I know he is always there to lend a helping hand! Oh how I love him! I love love love him! Thanks to Dave.....my fashion is currently improving... I hope for his sake I can keep it up!!! he he ha ha!.....No more "Shlumpadinka" moments for me! ha ha ha! I LOVE YOU HUSBAND!!


Cade & Kelsey said...

This is hilarious to me because I know I've lost my sense of style so much but I have no hope whatsoever because my hubby doesn't care about fashion at all so basically I'm doomed.

Sean.Kenzie.Ryker said...

Nat- you crack me up! I need a good shopping day as well. I hope I have as much support from my hubby as you did! Fun posts!!

Scott & Angie said...

Hey Nanno! How the heck are you? Thanks for the messages...it's great to hear from you. It has been along time. So your in Portland? I hear it's beauiful there. What took you there? Scott and I live in Milwaukee, WI. Go Packers! Scott's in in his second year of med school out here. We have two years left then we'll move somewhere else for his residency program. Anyways, I'm glad we can keep in touch through our blogs. You and your hubby look cute together! I'm glad you found a keeper. Let's keep in touch and it's good to see all is well for you. :)