St. PEaster's Day

St. Patty's and Easter in one! (St. PEasters) What a fun filled weekend! Tuesday night Dave and I headed to Utah for the annual St. Patrick’s day party. Since Easter was early this year, my mom took advantage of the weekend and was able to have two parties in one weekend...(sponsored by dad of course!) Courtney and her family came in from Vegas, Trev and Erin stayed at my parents too....so the entire family was home! The house was chuck full and it was great! We got to eat at our (when I say our I am speaking of Me, Jac, Erin, and Courts) favorite restaurant...TONYS! mmmm....Rigatoni with an extra meat ball, warm bread, mouth watering salad...topped off with spumoni ice cream...there is nothing better!
We spent a lot of time hanging out, talking, eating, watching movies...and just fun stuff. Friday night was the St. Patrick’s day party.....My mom set it up so when you first walk in the door Irish music is playing and I'm talking about the kind that makes you want to scream because its so annoying...once you realize that its not going to stop playing...you are then forced to kiss "the blarney stone". After the kissing session...we had a green dinner followed by the classic "Darbio Gill and the Little People" ... and then the coin toss! This year Dave and I did pretty good and ended up with $32.00! For those of you not familiar with the coin toss, let me explain. We (all the adult kids) gather in a circle on our knees with our hands behind our back. My dad stands on the couch next to us with $200 in gold coins. He counts to three and then drops the coins into the middle of the circle, we then dive into the middle and fight to get as many as we can! It is so much fun and hilarious to watch! Its my favorite part of the party! We ended the night with "August Rush", (which I loved).
Saturday was the Easter Egg hunt for the "big kids" and the little ones! My dad hid eggs throughout the entire back yard for the adults to find. Instead of our eggs being filled with candy..they were filled with money and prizes! Dave and I did ok...but he had a disadvantage since this was his first Easter and the rest of us are familiar with my dads hiding spots. The kids egg hunt took place inside and was so incredibly cute to watch! After a wonderful brunch we all went to the Temple as a family. It was really wonderful. It was the first time that we were all there together. Being in the celestial room with my family was a wonderful feeling! I am so glad we got to do that together! We finished the day by eating at Union Grill....MY FAVORITE! The trip was a blast! It was so fun to see everyone and be able to spend so much time to be together! Thanks family! Thanks mom and dad....we had so much fun!!....until next time............


Cade & Kelsey said...

qqYour family traditions seem so like so much fun. Thats fun that you got to come home to celebrate with everyone. Next time you come home we should get together, that would be fun.