12K Across the Bay

Dave and I have been training our hopefully skinner butts off to get ready for a 12K run in San Francisco this weekend! We are so pumped! Neither one of us has done anything like this and we are really excited! We have been waking up at 4:30 to train for an hour and then doing another hour after work! It has been tough, but also really great! On Saturday I naturally woke up at 6:30am!! I went back to sleep of course but STILL...that has never happned to me in my life...it used to be 11:00am before I would even realize I had fallen asleep from the night before! Anyhow, we are really enjoying training together and are super excited for the race! Does anyone have any suggestions for running a small race like this??? Let me know!


crystalyn & rob said...

oh man, i just ran the moab half marathon (13.1 miles) and it kicked my butt. i didnt train at all, but i ran the whole thing anyways. eat a lot the night before, lots of carb even if your not hungry. and keep a slow pace. i promise it helps. and maybe dave will run faster than you, but beg him to stay with you so you have eachother to cheer on and cross the finish line holding hands! it sooooo fun!!!