Love Love Love

After I bought Dave a Valentines present last week I was so excited to give it to him I could hardly wait! I came right home and told him that I’d just bought him a Valentines gift! His response…

”you bought me something?…. I didn’t know we were buying each other gifts for Valentines…I hadn’t planned on buying you something..”

Without sounding disappointed I said…”well I don’t expect you to buy me something…..I just had a great idea of something to get you so I had to get it!”

A few days passed and I asked him if he had anything planned for Valentines and he said…

”no not really…I figured we’d go to dinner.”

Of course I was a bit disappointed as I’d hoped he would have planned something…really though when it comes down to it, he does cute things everyday so who cares if he doesn’t for Valentines right?

I know he thinks its a stupid holiday anyhow.

Well, Friday night rolled around and while watching a movie, he paused it and said…lets exchange valentines gifts! HUH? I didn’t think you were getting me a gift…he looked at me like I was a dumb dumb for thinking such thoughts and went on to tell me I was really gullible if I fell for his

“I didn’t know we were giving each other gifts line…” (which I totally did)

He went into the bedroom and came out with his hands behind his back! He told me he wanted me to go last…so I then gave him the gift I had bought for him…(Fall Out Boy concert tickets)…he was super duper excited. Now it was my turn! He reached behind the couch and when he came back up he was holding a huge pink gift bag. I asked him where he got such a cute bag and he told me he picked out from Target! The fact that he bought a decorative bag to put a gift in, for me, on Valentines, was enough of a gift in itself…I didn’t even care what was inside the bag….it could have been a pile of poop and I would have been happy! (it wasn’t poop) I opened the bag and inside….was, TA DUH…..

I have wanted one of these for a really long time! I am ALWAYS cold and every time this commercial comes on I always say how cool I think it is, and that I want one…the commercial is so dorky, dave always makes fun of the acting, which probably made it easier for him to remember that I really really wanted one! I was thrilled with the gift! A big pink gift bag, a bright blue snuggine…and a husband who picked both of them out just for me! I cuddled up to him in my snuggie and we fell asleep on the couch.

The next morning I woke up and Dave was not lying next to me. He must have snuck out without me hearing. As I started to walk up the stairs ready to eat some cereal, Dave opened the door and told me to get back in bed. So I went back and waited. He came down a few minutes later and brought me breakfast in bed. HOW SWEET! While eating breakfast he handed me his phone and told me that someone had sent him a text message. I checked the phone and there was a long message addressed to me! He knows how much I LOVE love letters, so he wrote me one…. along with a really sweet poem. What a sweetie heart. Then as if that was not enough…. he pulled out two more pink gift bags! One with a few pairs of really cute socks I have been wanting, and one with two different kinds of my all time favorite old fashion licorice… which he had gone to 4 different stores to find. And to top it all off he handed me a long stem…chocolate rose and told me how much he loved me! It was so sweet…and even sweeter that he took the time to do something for me. Maybe I’m a dork, but it meant so much to me! The rest of the day was wonderful as well! We went to Kylee’s birthday party….went to a great movie, ate at our favorite restaurant (Tony’s) and came home and watched another movie. I made chocolate chip cookies and we ate them right up. I had a wonderful valentines filled with love, love letters, gifts, and yummy food….BUT in the end….nothing and I mean nothing will ever beat the everyday love that my little honey shows me…. It’s that everyday love, that makes life so darn sweet!


Craig Family said...

I already really liked the guy, but whoa!... now I really like him for you! What a total stud! I'm so glad you have such an adoring hubby. You deserve it! Also, I just have to know, is Tony's Dave's favorite restaurant now too? If so, there is no room to like him anymore than I already do. That makes him practically perfect!

The Browns said...

Oh that is so sweet. I love it when hubbys do the little things. He is such a thoughtful guy. I can't wait until tonight. Girls just want to have fuun, oooh girls just want to have fun! See you later cus!

Miller Family said...

Yay Valentines! I'm glad you got the snuggie it looks awesome! Thanks for playing last night it was really fun!

Miller's said...

I have seen those on TV and wondered about them. Do you love it? What a thoughtful man you have, you deserve it!

Brett and Lex said...

That is SO CUTE!!! Yay for Dave!!