I need YOUR help

Hey family and friends! I hope you are all having a great weekend. I'm writing this post because I need your help. As you may know I have started a service Project (
Project Feed Me) to help feed hungry families across the country. There are hundreds of people that I don't even know who have signed up and are ready and excited to give service. To my surprise, only a few people that I know and love have done the same. I know we are all super busy and have a million things going on, but if you take just a moment to find out about Project Feed Me, you will see how important you are and how much you are needed! People are suffering and with little effort on your part, you can help make a difference. Please read about the project below.

Every 3.6 Seconds someone dies of hunger. When will it stop? How can we help? We must do something! Project Feed Me was created to help you and I feed the hungry.

Project Feed Me is a nine week program created to help feed hundreds of thousands of people. How can you get involved? It’s simple.

All you need to do is buy two of the “recommended food items” each week for nine weeks. At the end of nine weeks gather up your items and take them to your local food bank.

The “recommended food items” are the items that are most needed by food banks. Every Monday, starting Monday October 12th, the “recommended food items” will be posted at www.nono2yoyo.com .

Most items are very inexpensive ($1 or less) and can all be found at your local grocery store. To learn more about Project Feed Me and how you can help please visit the Project Feed Me site. It’s time for us to stop saying, “I wish I could do more” and to start saying, “I am doing more”.

To learn more about project feed me visit: www.nono2yoyo.com/project-feed-me

To participate in project feed me visit: www.nono2yoyo.com/register-here

Thanks guys!!!


Project Feed Me

Hey friends! If you haven’t had a chance to check out PROJECT FEED ME on my other blog, please take a second to check it out. It is a great service project and with your help it can help thousands of hungry families across America. It’s so easy to participate. PLEASE PLEASE check it out!